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Spring Stats Sliced, Diced, and Updated

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Some few games ago, I had broken down the spring stats into classes of players, and then had talked about keeping it updated.

I immediately did nothing. Now, more than a week later, I'm finally getting off my lazy ass and doing what I said I would. These numbers are current through Sunday's game against the Devil Rays.

Class ERA WHIP K/9 HR/9
All 5.18 1.49 7.06 1.04
ML Regulars 5.85 1.58 8.33 1.13
Other 40-Men 5.00 1.57 6.94 0.83
NRIs 4.09 1.20 5.21 1.12
Those Cut 22.50 4.00 9.00 0.00

Now that we're into the cuts (and we might see some more today, huh?), I'll keep track of those guys, too, though without removing them from their original class. So Holdzkom, the one cut so far, is represented in both the 'Other 40-Men' department AND in 'Those Cut.'

Also, stats at the team site have yet to give Rick White credit for his win.

Pitchers' at-bats excluded
All .369 .481 .292 .850
ML Regulars .381 .468 .292 .848
Other 40-Men .344 .413 .250 .757
NRIs .360 .505 .317 .865

And just for kicks, I looked at the Hunter Pence effect. Taken as a whole, the club is hitting .292 OBPing .369, slugging .481 and thus OPSing .850. All nice numbers.

But if you took Hunter out of the equation, the numbers drop a little bit: to .270/.350/.432/.782. In other words, Pence all by himself represents 19 points of team batting average and 51 points of team slugging.

Spring MVP equals diddly/squat, but he sure is it so far.