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Injuns 13 : Astros 2

Astros 0-1 on the season while the Indians are now 1-0... Who cares? The best thing we got out of this loss was some ball against a team other than your own. The only pitcher that pitched today for the Astros that will likely be on the roster opening day is Woody who gave up 2 runs over 2 innings. The Astros put out a lineup that did not include Berkman or Lee(who is in Houston right now buying livestock[probably]) so it's not like we should be surprised that we only scored 2 runs(even if it was against mostly minor leaguers). The thing that really sucks is the 5 hits! That's all? No Astro recorded multiple hits today... sounds bad huh? Well it does sound bad, but it's really not that big of a deal. The only Astros that went up to bat more than 2 times were Chris Burke(3 times) and Lane(4 times). Still a bunch of 0-fers though. It's good to actually get to talk about baseball again though... real games that is...

Box Score

I feel totally bad that I never mentioned before that Ausmus was having some issues with his throwing arm. From what I've heard/read it's really not a big deal and he did have a cortizone shot and he doesn't expect to take another one. We'll see.

In other news...

The Houston Astros announced today that four more players have agreed to terms on one-year contracts with the corresponding Major League values: Right-handers Juan Gutierrez, $380,000; Fernando Nieve, $391,000; Felipe Paulino, $380,000; and left-hander Mike Rodriguez $380,000. The announcement was made by general manager Tim Purpura.