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Looking at the results of our newest poll so far, I can see there's not much division of opinion among ye as to the rightfielder we need to go with.  And I'm maybe a little surprised at that.

Sure, Luke has the hot hand right now, plus the not inconsiderable nods from both PECOTA and ZIPS.  

Yet it's a funny thing:  everybody likes to talk about defense, but nobody wants to do anything about it.  With the spectre of the worst outfield defense in franchise history hanging over the 2007 team as they open camp, not one person thinks that we oughtn't to throw the defensive dogs even one bone?

I think Footer got a little rambunctious when she called Lane a "terrific outfielder," but he is definitely better than average, unlike, let's say, Luke.  

And Hidalgo's defensive pedigree would make him an instant factor as opposing runners decide how to proceed.

If I'm interpreting the crosswinds correctly, opinion 'round here seems to be that Morgan will have a solid season in '07.  Forgiveness seems to be in the air after a lackluster 2006 that included, among other things, baldfaced lies.

Yet no-one's forgiving Lane, and no-one believes he can rebound, despite the fact that most think he possesses more pure talent than Ensberg--or just about any hitter on the team besides Berkman, for that matter.

And while I can understand skepticism of Hidalgo after his wretched years in the wilderness, have you seen some of the reports? They positively glow.

I'm not necessarily saying that I would have voted any different.  Luke was scary good at times last season.  Lane, like they say, not so much.  But I AM  surprised no-one at all has looked at things in a different way.