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Astros Vs Indians 12:05 CST LOSS

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The Astros start off the pre-season games against the Cleveland Indians tomorrow (3/1/07) at 12:05pm CST.

Starting Lineup
CF Chris Burke
2B Mark Loretta
1B Mike Lamb
3B Morgan Ensberg
RF Luke Scott
DH Jason Lane
SS Adam Everett
LF Charlton Jimerson
C Humberto Quintero

Woody Williams will be the Astros starter and is going to be on a pitch count of 25 pitches.

You can get the Astros full spring training game schedule here.

In other news, rumor came out that the Cardinals are also interested in signing Clemens... this really should have been a non-story. There's a greater chance of Roger coming out tomorrow in the news and stating that he's pregnant than Clemens actually going to pitch for another National League team(especially one in the same division as the Astros). Clemens signing for any other team besides the Yankees, Red Sox and of course the 'Stros would be a MAJOR slap in the face to Drayton and all of the Astros organization and would likely spoil the personal services contract that Roger signed.

Not much else going on... I'm glad spring training games are finally starting... but I can't wait for some meaningful(and televised) games to start.