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Another Fawning Fluff Piece on Our Hero, Richard Justice

This blog has never had the highest opinion of Richard Justice, but the respect-o-meter may have just fallen to a new low.

It was reader clack who first called this to my attention.  Although my (un)natural shyness usually prohibits me from engaging in all that much self-promotion, I was so pleased with the way the stories on the workouts came out, that I found myself willing to blow my own horn a little bit.

So I went over to Orange Whoopass and to my old stomping grounds at Speedy's message board, and, for good or for ill, humbly placed a few links there to the stories here on this site.

And while I was doing that, new Crawfish reader clack, who posts at Speedy's as well, started a thread there that called readers' attention to the latest blog entry from Justice, in which good ol'' Richard calls any readers of his who criticize Brad Ausmus and Adam Everett "idiots."

Quite aside from any opinions I have on CatcherBrad or Adam, the first and immediate thing I thought when reading his piece was you just don't do this.

In the interests of style, you may misdirect your readers, you may trick your readers, and you may even temporarily deceive your readers.

But you never, ever, ever, disrespect your readers, and you never insult them.  For one thing, if their judgment is so bad, then what does it say that they're reading you?

I don't know about y'all, but if I'm reading something, and the author calls me an idiot, my first temptation is to simply mutter "fuck you" and stop reading. My potty mouth aside, I don't think my attitude is out of step with the majority.  

Mr. Justice: this is basic stuff; one of the first things you learn in your first journalism class.  I know you're a big time sportswriter now, and well, that you like yourself a whole bunch, but I think it may be time to take a refresher course.

You idiot.