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Some randomness

For those of you who don't search the internet on a daily basis for anything Astros related, you might find a little bit of information in this... well.. maybe. Word is that Clemens is now only a 20% chance of playing next season... don't tell that to Brad Ausmus who would still "bet that Roger Clemens would pitch again in 2007." Honestly, I don't really care what Clemens does next season... If he comes back, great, if he doesn't, good for him. I'm just ready for the season to start... ready for the position players to report to camp (some like Luke Scott and Chris Burke already have reported). I thought it was pretty cool that the new guy (Jennings) was the first pitcher to report to spring training on Thursday morning(although a few were already in town). I'm anticipating the first time we get to see him pitch in a real game for the Astros.

Another cool thing I read about from Alyson Footer's latest mailbag at was this(concerning the April 6 Jeff Bagwell ceremony) :

That day will not be a uniform number retirement ceremony. So far, no date has been set, although I would imagine it'll happen sometime this season. On April 6, Bagwell will be honored before the game for his accomplishments during his 15-year career, and the Astros will give out Bagwell figurines that day.

Speaking of figurines, the Astros are hosting a new collectible series this year called Hobby Bobbles, featuring the hobbies of selected Astros players on bobblehead dolls.

The set includes a bobble of Roy Oswalt (promotion on July 28) on the bulldozer given to him by McLane after being named the 2005 NLCS MVP. Another bobble to be given away features Astros catcher Brad Ausmus catching a wave on his surfboard (promotion on June 16). Carlos Lee's ranching bobble will be given away to the first 10,000 fans on Sept. 15.

Take a minute to check out the Astros Spring training page which has the complete spring training schedule as well as mutliple audio links from players at spring training.

For all of you single guys who were thinking about trying to get Astros tickets by getting in good with Garner's daughter. . sorry to say it, but she got hitched over the weekend. . . sucker!

So. . . what are you guys/gals worried about the most this season? The bull pen? The front of the rotation/middle/back? The offense? What makes your stomach turn when you think about it? The thing that scares me the most is thinking that Wandy Rodriguez still has a chance to be in rotation. I know Rastro already stated that he thinks he'll be the 4th starter... I pray he's wrong! I wish the Astros would trade away Wandy and Zeke for some new balls.. baseballs that is.