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We know Chris Sampson has been in town for a couple days, but the rest of the pitchers, and all of our catchers, should be reporting to our Spring camp at Kissimmee today.

It's a beautiful thing.

Workouts start tomorrow, and I'll be takin' pictures Saturday, so watch out. The long lonely winter is over.

To further amp up your baseball mood, I'll go ahead and suggest this link, a Divisional Roundtable at The Pittsburgh Lumber Company, in which I and fellow SBNation webscribe Jeff Sackmann of Brew Crew Ball, along with four other talented bloggers, participated.  

No-one picks the 'Stros to win the division--not even me--but pretty much all of us think it's going to be a tightly contested race in 2007.  And the idea that Clemens remains the great wild card is a popular one.

The SBNation divisional roundtables will take place later this Spring, and I will certainly hone my prognosticational skills somewhat between now and then, but it was fun to begin seriously looking ahead, and I thank Cory for asking me to participate.

Then tonight, Jason Lane will be appearing on Astroline, and Mr. Lane--on the hot seat as much as anyone on the 40-man--should provide some interesting commentary to close out this day we've been looking forward to since Berkman drove in the now-departed Taveras as the final run of the 2006 season last October 1st.