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Astros - A New Era Begins

The whole "A New Era Begins" is courtesy of Joe in Birmingham(from here)... It's true... from looking at the 40 man roster, I only show 18 Astros that even have numbers assigned to them. Thinking I'm kidding? Look for yourself.

Wade has really done some work... I just hope he's working smart and not just working hard. Wade has gotten rid of a ton of players from our roster last year and unfortunately, hasn't upgraded our weakest department yet(starting pitching). Then I see this from Wade...

Wade surmised that he is likely done making moves on the trade front, but he's still working on a couple of free agent starting pitchers. He was hoping to sign Glendon Rusch, who instead went to the Padres.

"There are a couple other people we're talking to and I think there will be an opportunity to add volume to mix and quality, as well."
From here.

So free agency aye? That's cool and all, but then I look at the list of free agent starting pitchers and I don't really see anyone that makes me feel all nummy inside. The only real addition to our starting pitchers is the Backe, who really isn't an addition, just should be completely recovered from his Tommy John surgery.