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Carlos Lee Wins Silver Slugger

Hot damn.

Of course, they picked two left-fielders and no right-fielder, but if it works for the All-Star Game, then it should work for the Silver Slugger, too, huh?

Also notable is David Wright, who had to be considered a shoo-in for the Silver Slugger, once we had the unbelievable news that he'd actually been given the Gold Glove.

But I digress, and back to Caballo:  ultra-prestigious or not, perhaps the piece of hardware given Carlito will convince  Phil Rogers that Lee did in fact help the Astros win more than a game or two last season.  

Just off the top of my head, I know Lee had two walkoff homers and a three-homer game in 2007.  I'm down with Rogers' contention that the Astros need to focus on rebuilding, but his statement that Lee "piled up impressive statistics but rarely won games for his team" is flat out stupid.