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Brad Lidge Traded for Michael Bourn

Technically, the trade included Houston Astros Brad Lidge and Eric Bruntlett for Philadelphia Phillies Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary and Minor League third baseman Michael Costanzo; but in all actuality, it's Bourn for Lidge.


I woke up this morning and turned on the local sports radio and this was basically the first thing I heard... and it shocked me. Not really shocked that Lidge was traded, just shocked me that the Astros actually made a trade. When I first heard the news I was like "we traded away Brad Lidge for who?". I won't lie, I know little to nothing about Michael Bourn(who by the way is a Houston Native and went to U of H) and when I heard that we traded for a Phillies outfielder, I was really hoping it was for Rowand... but it wasn't.

So what to think about this... I can't really say I'm sad to see Brad Lidge go. I really liked him as a person and liked his attitude and just generally liked him period... I just didn't trust him as a closer. Great stuff though. I can't say I'm real excited about Bourn either. Dude's only started 15 games in his career!!! Not the greatest OBP (.348) for a lead off hitter either... but then again, he has only started 15 games and he could blossom into a good lead of hitter... then again, he could turn out to be a total bust and a waste of a roster spot. Only time will tell.

Other thoughts... I guess this basically takes away Luke Scott's chances to be an everyday starting Astro(well, unless Bourn just tanks it and Luke steals the job back). Luke had an off season last year only batting .255; but then again he also got screwed(in my opinion) by being a platoon player and never really got a chance to play everyday.