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How do you tell a good pitcher?

This was touched upon in the previous thread, but thought it was worth starting a thread of it's own.  

Rastro's post was...

Wandy led the team in strikeouts in '07, and Roy Oz hasn't led the team in K's since '02.  

Wandy also led the team in WHIP, and Roy O hasn't led starters in that category since '03.

So how do you prove what Astro fans know--that Oswalt's been the best pitcher in Houston for the last six years?

Good question.  My response was by his ERA.  In the last 6 years, Roy has posted ERA's of 3.01, 2.97, 3.49, 2.94, 2.98 and 3.18.  Pretty damn consistent.  His worst year(ERA wise) was 2004 when he posted a (pathetic) 3.49 ERA.  That year he only went 20-10.    That was also one of his highest strike out years(206) and also the year when he had the highest HBP total of his career(11).  

So what do you think?  Is there one stat that that narrows it down for you?