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Which Pitcher...

on the Astros struck out the most batters last season?

Okay, I know this is really easy to find out, but the answer could surprise you. Maybe I didn't keep as good of a watch on the pitching stats at the end of the season last year, but when I was browsing through the stats today(was really bored sorry...), I noticed that this pitcher led the team in strike outs. Surprised I was.

Read more for the answer...

That pitcher was Wandy Rodriguez... shocked? Yea I was. Wandy actually had a decent year last year overall. Wandy had 158 strike outs compared to Roy O's 154. We all know that Roy isn't a strike out pitcher... he pitches to contact and tries to keep his pitch count down and if he really tried, could probably increase his strike out numbers. But I'm still surprised it was Wandy.

Sorry if I just wasted your time by telling you information that you already knew, but it surprised me, so I thought it might surprise some of you as well.