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Pence To Bat 3rd

Obviously, the club's newest acquisition, Michael Bourn, will play center field and lead off. Cooper has set nothing in stone, but don't be surprised if Hunter Pence hits third, with Lance Berkman dropping to fourth or fifth. Carlos Lee, last year's cleanup hitter, could be batting fifth.

Cooper spoke with both Berkman and Lee about the possible shift, and both appeared to be receptive to moving down in the order.

"For me, the three-guy gives you everything you need," said Cooper, who hit third during his Major League career. "He can hit doubles, triples, home runs, hit for average, steal bases, score from first on a double. He needs to be Mr. Everything."

Of the three sluggers, Cooper sees Pence as the best fit.
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I'm going on the record as saying that I'm against this move and see Hunter as a better fit(with the Astros lineup) batting 2nd. Batting Lance or Lee 5th is too far back in the lineup in my opinion. Bourn, Pence, Berkman, Lee is a better line up than Bourn, Burke?, Pence, Berkman, Lee. You can slot Wiggington in the 5 hole and be pretty strong 1-5. I just don't like. Just my opinion though.