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NLCS Set, D-Backs VS Rockies

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Wow, in a year when the NL playoffs went to the last day and then to a playoff game to determine exactly who went to the playoffs, the NLCS is already set after both series went 3 games. The Rockies handled the Phillies by sweeping the series and so did the D-Backs who walked all over the Cubs.

The American League looks like it's trying to follow suit as the RedSox hold a 2-0 lead over the Angels and the Indians hold a 2-0 lead over the Yankees.

From looking at our predictions, it doesn't look like anyone's prediction is going to come true.

The ALCS teams could be picked as early as today as the Red Sox and Angles face off at 3:00PM and the Injuns take on the Yankees at 6:30PM(both times ET). The Red sox send Schilling to the mound against Jered Weaver and the Indians send Jake Westbrook out against Roger "I need to Retire" Clemens.