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Phillies are up on the Rockies 3 - 2 in the bottom of the third as I post.

Nothing better than day baseball, especially when there's more baseball that night.

Both teams coming in with no-name starters, and both pitchers have failed to impress early, though neither has been catastrophically bad, dodging a succession of bullets.

Manuel is not known as the most brilliant of tacticians, and I think it funny that he puts Burrell in the three-slot today after his homer yesterday and moves Utley to 2 after his three K's yesterday.

In fairness, Utley batted second vs. the lefty Chico during the season's last week, and the Rockies' Morales is a lefty, so maybe that's all that's going on, but I don't see how you break up the Utley/Howard thing back to back.

Ever, under any circumstances.