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This Could Be The Last Time

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I would imagine that most people outside the cities of Denver and Boston are ready to move on by now.

Although 2007 hasn't been the greatest postseason, it's like that incessant commercial says, there really is only one October.  Even if the Astros are not involved, playoff baseball beats most other things that might be on the tube at 10:00 any particular evening.

But yeah, time to move on.  I gave Colorado my support, rooting, like Rudy G says, for my league.  Got caught up in their streak, back when it was still alive, gave my love to Matt H, and Troy T, Garret A, and of course the guy at first who reminded you so much of Bags.

But it didn't work.  Red Sox are too good, and we'll have to wait 'til next year, try again in 2008 for the truly suspenseful World Series that's eluded us fans since 2003.  

I'll be watching tonight, sure--who knows, maybe the game goes 14 innings, or someone hits three homeruns--but let's be truthful:  do we really need to see a Rockies win tonight?  

I mean, I like the Sox, I'm fascinated by their lineup, rooted for them through the AL bracket, but even I've had enough highfalutin' talk about Josh Beckett for one year.  So he's the greatest pitcher in the postseason since Christy Mathewson, since BEFORE Christy Mathewson, OK.  He's Cy Young, Hoss Radbourn, Bob Feller and Bob Gibson rolled into one.  He's supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Alright, OK, but enough.  There's no drama left to this Series, so let it end, and end tonight, before Beckett pitches a Game Five.

Some of you have got football or even hockey; I myself have a stack of books I want to get to, and I just ordered 'Halo' for my Windows PC.  There might be even some out there who want to reintroduce themselves to the wives and kids.

That's what the offseason's for.  Let it begin, and oh yeah, bring on that Mitchell report . . . .