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"IF" The AL did not have the DH...

Do you think their league would be so much stronger skill wise than the National League?

I'm not sure what I think. I sort of believe one of the contributing reasons for the AL being a much stronger league than the NL is due to the DH. Wouldn't seem like it on the outside, I mean it's just 1 position on the field(err on the team, the DH doesn't play the field), how could that make such a big difference... But when you think about it, it could almost be a viable reason.

I mean, when the DH first came out, if I was a pitcher and I could go the entire season(minus the WS) w/out having to take one at bat. That would be incentive for me to pitch in the AL. Not only would I not have to at bat, but it would also keep me in games longer. Say in the 7th inning where in the NL in a close game, the manager would possibly pull me out of the game for a pinch hitter... I'm still in the game pitching due to the DH.

The DH also provides players like David Ortiz, who if had to play a position every day would probably spend considerably more time on the DL, or hell, maybe even be out of baseball, to continue playing and being a superstar in the league. I was listening to the radio earlier in the week and heard that Ortiz's knees were swelling after taking grounders at first during practice... How productive do you think he would be on an NL team?

Anyways... I'm not totally sure if the DH has anything to do with the over-powered AL(as compared to the NL), it's just something I've been pondering(are you pondering what I'm pondering Pinky...) lately. I mean, the AL could just be stronger due to the Red Sox and Yankee's spending so much that the other teams in the league have to spend more to keep up(7 of the top 10 teams in terms of payroll are in the AL). Just my thoughts...