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World Series Game Two

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Sox flexed their muscles a bit last night, but the Rockies can still take this thing, or at least so my thinking goes.

Though the margin of victory raised my eyebrows a bit, I wasn't surprised that Boston ended up taking the one game they needed beyond all others.  I'll hold off on my vote for Josh Beckett, Hall of Famer, at least for right now, but I have to admit, the salty Texan (as they called him on Tirico's show today) sure lived up to his end of the bargain last night.  And that also was no surprise.

What did surprise me somewhat was David Ortiz stepping in and going the other way, strong, a couple times.  Lost in the hulabaloo about Pedroia and Youkilis rocketting skyward since Game Four of the ALCS is that Ortiz had looked ground down by his knees at the end of the Cleveland series.  I dunno, maybe he had that shot. . . .

Everyone was saying Jiminez has to throw strikes tonight, has to get ahead 0 - 1 in the count, the way Byrd and Westbrook did, and the way Francis did not, so who am I to argue with the punditocracy?

Meanwhile, Rox need to wait on Schilling's mistakes, that occasional 88 mph cookie he leaves up, and take the stuff around the zone he uses to tease.  

I think the Rockies can in fact, afford to lose this game--not that I recommend it or anything--but another blowout would be fatal.

Nonetheless, I'll say that the Rox win a one-run squeaker to do what they most wanted to do, which is go back to Colorado with a tied series.