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World Series Game One

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An absolute must win--for Boston.

 Sure, Beckett's on the mound, and with the way he's pitched lately, and with the Fenway advantage™, you've gotta see the Sox as a 70-30 favorite tonight.

But think, for a moment, about how it will look if the Red Sox somehow lose Game One.  How their nearly invincible pitcher, the foul-mouthed kid from Texas who all the Big Media Outlets say has put the team on his back,  will have been shown merely mortal, how they'd have to go back to Colorado tied at best, and how they'd then have to play three crucial games while sacrificing either the bat of Youkilis or the bat of Ortiz.

And don't even talk about the comedic ballet that will be Manny playing left at Coors. . . .

With the peculiarities of the Boston lineup, Colorado may possess one of the greatest homefield advantages in the history of the Fall Classic, so it's gonna be imperative that the Sox take advantage of their own park, even to a greater extent than they did in the ALCS.  Splitting the first two, as they did vs. the Indians, probably won't get it done, but losing Game One definitely won't.

Yup, there's no way around it, Red Sox need to win tonight.

They need it big time.  Of course, I think they will get that win, but man, if they don't . . . . it's instant trouble, and instant heartburn for Red Sox Nation.