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The Boston Playoff Run: Must Win Edition

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I guess I've read all those Jim Caple (either -authored or -influenced) pieces where they say that the Red Sox have become as insufferable as the Yankees, and the Red Sox fans have become as arrogant as the New York fans.


It's also been several times remarked upon onsite that I should perhaps be supporting the underdog Indians, and to that, I say that I AM supporting the Indians.

I'm just supporting the Red Sox more.

I love the Indians.  Who don't?  Sizemore is a dynamic leadoff guy, Hafner is obviously an OPS monster despite the off-year, and this Fausto Carmona cat . . . wow.  

But they're not as cool as the Sox, and while I could point to Fenway, or to Manny's dreads, or the simple fact that the Sawx gave Bill James a job as reasons, I think I'll point to tonight's starting pitcher most of all.

My fetishes are my own, not to be discussed here, except for one, which is my Secret Knuckleball Fetish.

And I know I'm not alone.  Who don't love a knuckleballer?  And who don't have admiration for the organization courageous enough to employ one?

The Houston NL franchise has a history of knuckleballers themselves, starting with Bobby Tiefenauer and Ken Johnson, and running very succesffully through the late, great Joe Niekro.  

And we even gave Jared Fernandez a chance a couple years back, which has gotta be going beyond the call of knuckle-duty.

But Jared shmared:  Wakefield is the Knuckle King, and I'm rootin' for him.  If the Indians want my support, they should go get a knuckleballer of their own.