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Man, have you ever seen anything like these Rockies?

Or maybe you're one who would say that you haven't seen anything like these Rockies, because you haven't seen the Rockies, because you haven't been able to stay up late enough.

I understand that most of my readers inhabit a time zone an hour behind mine, but the game times have been so ridiculous that even you Central Time people have to have noticed.

As I sail past 42 years of age, the sad fact is that I'm not what I once was in many ways, but still, I've considered myself a night person  for a long time now, and despite my 9-to-5, still do, to a certain extent.

But even on a Friday night, I can no longer justify staying up til 2:35 to watch a baseball game.  Well, maybe if it were an Astros game . . . but for the Rockies, I don't care if they ARE the most special team since the Big Red Machine, I'm getting some freakin' shuteye.

I know they want the ad revenue, and I won't even blame them for that.  but there's got to be a creative way of scheduling the playoffs where the games both begin and end at a reasonable time.

Start with the weekends.  College Football seems to have carved quite a lucrative niche for itself using a slate that primarily features afternoon starts.  I'm sure that Boston College-Notre Dame matchup this past weekend had plenty of Chevy commercials, despite the fact that the moon had not yet risen for kickoff.

And Pro Football, despite that Monday evening shindig they got, seems to be doing quite well with their Sunday matinees.

I'm such a goddamned moderate, sometimes I make my ownself sick; I find myself defending people who may not deserve it in McLane and Selig.  

But I really do believe that Selig has done a halfway-decent job.  

But he's botched the playoff schedules, and in doing so, has alienated the majority of the working class fans he makes so much noise about serving.

Anyway, time to put on the coffee, and start watching baseball.

Go Sox, but GO ROCKIES!