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Ripken and Gwynn enshrined in the HOF forever


Pretty much what I and most people expected. Gwynn and Ripken gained Hall of Fame status in almost unanimous fashion while Big Mack did not get in(only earning 23% of the votes). It wasn't unanimous vote for Gwynn or Ripken, but it should have been. In my opinion, any of those who didn't vote for both of them should lose their right to vote. You can see the exact vote numbers in my link above.

Here's another link that talks a little more about Gwynn and how the Astros would have drafted Gwynn if they wouldn't have lost their first and second round picks due to free agency signings.

Former San Diego State pitcher Bob Cluck, who was then working for the Astros, pegged Gwynn as a first-round talent, but the Astros lost their first-round pick to the Rangers as compensation for signing pitcher Dave Roberts. And Houston's second-round pick went to the Dodgers as compensation for signing Don Sutton.

Just an FYI, the Big Puma is going to be on Astroline tomorrow at 7:00 PM CST.