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Everybody Say "Woot."

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The club announced its signing of the last three arbitration-eligible players late Thursday.

All were one-year deals.  Morgan Ensberg got 4.35 million bucks, Adam Everett got 2.8 million and Jason Lane got 1.05 mil.

The signings keep a ten year stretch alive during which the club has avoided going to the arbitration table.  The last player to go to arbitration was the late Darryl Kile, in 1997.

Here are the latest contract numbers for those with a realistic shot at breaking camp with the big club, at least near as I can reckon:

Signed for 2007 2007 Salary
Lance Berkman 14.500 M
Roy Oswalt 13.000 M
Carlos Lee 11.000 M
Lee's Signing Bonus 3.000 M
Woody Williams 6.500 M
Jason Jennings 6.400 M
Brad Lidge 5.350 M
Craig Biggio 5.150 M
Morgan Ensberg 4.350 M
Brad Ausmus 4.000 M
Adam Everett 2.800 M
Jason Lamb 2.700 M
Mark Loretta 2.500 M
Dan Wheeler 2.100 M
Trever Miller 1.300 M
Jason Lane 1.050 M
Orlando Palmeiro .950 M
Richard Hidalgo .850 M
Dave Borkowski .575 M
Miguel Asencio .550 M
Brandon Backe .545 M
Eric Bruntlett .525 M
Still Undone 2006 Salary
Wandy Rodriguez .394 M
Chris Sampson .394 M
Fernando Nieve .392 M
Chad Qualls .376 M
Chris Burke .363 M
Humberto Quintero .335 M
Luke Scott .327 M
Hector Gimenez .327 M
Lincoln Holdzkom .327 M
Matt Albers .327 M
Brian Moehler ?
Total 93.257
*Most of Hidalgo's dough is contingent on his making the major league roster