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Makes you say hmmm...

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Just thought this was kind of funny... Robinson Cano gives up #22 just in case Clemens decides to sign with the Yankees. So do we take this for face value and just forget about it... or does this mean that Clemens has already given a heads up to the Yankees that he's coming back? Cano could have just as easily given up his number if/when Clemens rejoined the Yankees, so why give it up now? I dunno.. it's probably a non-story, but it's something.

On another Astros related note, ex-Astros color guy Alan Ashby has joined the Toronto Blue Jays as the color commentator. Good for him. I personally liked Ashby when he was doing the Astros radio with Milo and even though I do like the Astros new guys, I still miss Ash a little.