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Just Imagine If He'd Been Any Good

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Brad Lidge avoided arbitration (or even the exchange of numbers) Tuesday by agreeing to a one-year deal that nets him a 1.375 million dollar raise.

While your immediate reaction is that 5.35 million is a lot of money for six blown saves and a 5-something ERA, a quick look around indicates that if you have any kind of faith in a return to form for Bradley, this is not stupid money.

These are the guys who posted more than Lidge's 32 saves in 2006:

What Some Closers Bring Home
Closer Salary
Francisco Rodriguez 7 million simoleons (2007)
Trevor Hoffman 6,500,00 clams (2007)
Bobby Jenks 340 Grand (2006), but in line for a large raise
Billy Wagner 10,500,00 beans (2007)
BJ Ryan 5 million bucks (2007)
Todd Jones 5,190,841 berries (2007)
JJ Putz 415 Large (2006), but deserving of a substantial payhike
Jonathan Papelbon 335,400 coconuts (2006), but tell me you wouldn't wanna be      his agent
Tom Gordon 7 million smackers (2007)
Mariano Rivera 10,500,000 pesos (2007)
Bob Wickman 6,500,000 aces (2007)
Jason Isringhausen 8,750,000 bones (2007)
Joe Nathan 5,250,000 washingtons (2007)
Huston Street 339 G (2006), but looking to cash in on the bright young      resume, I'm sure
Joe Borowski 4,250,000 greenbacks (2007)

In addition, several of these guys are promised money in '08, or even beyond.

Put it this way: Would you rather pay Brad Lidge 5-3/8 mil for one year, or Joe Borowski 8 and a quarter for two?