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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 141 at Brewers

Jason Hirsh That Asshole Ohka
2 - 3, 6.84 4 - 4, 4.35

No, I HAVEN'T gotten over Tomo Ohka's craven, cowardly, bush-league, immature, and unprofessional plunkings of Willy T during his last start against us.

Immediately after Ohka threw at Taveras the second time, hitting him in the neck, saylinara wrote that "Ohka should be pulled for that shit." I agreed then, and I agree now as I write today.

I still don't know why we didn't see Ned Yost call time before the following pitch, stride to the mound like Vic Morrow from The Bad News Bears, screaming in outrage at his pitcher's violation of all ethical sportsmanship. Yelling at Ohka, "you tried to hit that kid! You could have killed that kid!" then slapping his punk ass pitcher to the ground, with Ohka whimpering his punk-ass lies and protestations at Yost's feet.

Still don't know how come we didn't see that.

And I can't figure out why the Office of the Commissioner never took action, either.

So I'm kind of hoping we knock Ohka around a little bit tonight, dish out some pain in the ERA department, remind him how Willy must have felt as he was lying on the ground trying to reorganize the thoughts that had been knocked out of his skull by Ohka's malicious beanball.

Hirsh is of course pitching tonight instead of the scratched Roger Clemens, and I know Roger wants 350 wins, but I wouldn't be surprised if we've seen the last career quality start from Clemens. He might go out there again, but I wouldn't expect the results to be good.

Of course, anyone who's made a habit of doubting Roger Clemens over the last twenty years has been wrong much more often than he's been proven right, so I might be offbase with this hunch of mine.

But just sayin'.

Hirsh has not been dominant in his last two starts, but he has been effective, giving up two runs over the last 13 innings vs. the Mets and the Pirates. The strikeouts are 6 and the walks are three, so again, nothing jaw-dropping, but you have to like the ratio, and maybe he keeps it all up tonight.

I will be attending the Marlins-Phillies game this evening, and maybe I'll get home in time for the end of this one, or maybe not.

Til then, Go Astros; Go Express; and Go V-Cats!