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Game Hero, 69 - 71

Morgan Ensberg
  • 1 for 2, 2 RBI
  • Opposite field pinch-hit homer
  • WPA game champeen at .365

You know you always think that the major league clubs with their expansive or sophisticated or both network of scouts are always in possession of the best and most accurate information.

And maybe they are. Perhaps it's only the dissemination of the information throughout your various organizations--so that everyone has access to it--that causes a problem.

I found it interesting that Ned Yost said about the pitch that Ensberg crushed

"That was a great piece of hitting by Ensberg . . . He's a dead pull hitter, and he took a pitch that was out over the plate the other way."

Yes, I found it interesting Yost said Ensberg was a dead pull hitter 1) because coincidentally, StrosDux and I were talking about Ensberg's spray chart during last night's Game Thread; but mostly 2) because Yost is absolutely wrong.

Take a look at this:

I skipped the outs at Minute Maid, more because of the clutter than the info, but, still, does this look like a dead pull hitter to you? What I see is a hitter who's had more success to left during this difficult year than last year's successful one, and I see a hitter who is trying to take advantage of the Crawford Boxes. And I see a hitter more likely to go to center than right. But I do not see "dead pull."

Yost should have known better: even if whatever the scouting department is seeing is not making its way onto his desk, Yost had himself watched Ensberg go to deep center with a jack at Miller Park last year.

It's probably not a fruitful venture to try to tie the homer--the reason why the Brewers lost--with poor scouting on the Brewers part.

After all, the pitch was a big fat cookie, and Ensberg might just as well have dropped it in the left field corner:

But there's definitely an information gap somewhere.

Anyway, congratulations to Morgan on his first homer in a month. You thought the last one was gonna reopen the floodgates; the hope remains that maybe it's this one that will.