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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 140 at Brewers

Roy Oswalt Ben Sheets
11 - 8, 3.12 4 - 6, 4.54

Ever since that asshole Ohka sped Willy's hitstreak on its way to an early death while simultaneously extending Taveras' consecutive game onbase streak, I've just been all over such things. Willy's 31-game streak (30 + 1, right?) had me wondering whether he might not now be the owner of the Astro onbase streak record as well as the hit streak record.

So I went back and found out. There's a lot of numbers to present, and now's not the time to do it, but subordinate to the All-Time best streaks compiled by guys like Jeff Bagwell, Moises Alou, Joe Morgan, Jimmy Wynn, and, um, Greg Gross, there are this year's numbers, which maybe don't show how anemic we've been, as much as how un-coordinated.

Other than maybe Willy and Luke, no-one's been at their hottest at the same time . . . .

2006 Astro Longest Consecutive Game Onbase Streaks
Player Number
of Games
Started Ended
Willy Taveras 31 7/27 8/29
Lance Berkman 25 6/6 7/4
Luke Scott 16 8/4 8/20
Morgan Ensberg 15 5/14 5/29
Craig Biggio 13 5/8 5/22
Adam Everett 13 8/4 8/17
Brad Ausmus 12 4/13 4/28
Mike Lamb 12 6/3 6/17
Chris Burke 12 7/4 7/19
Preston Wilson 10 6/5 6/15
Jason Lane 9 4/21 4/30
Eric Munson 7 6/21 7/6
Aubrey Huff 6 7/15 7/21
Eric Bruntlett 5 4/25 5/10
Orlando Palmeiro 3 5/8 5/10

I will present more of these numbers in a historical context later this week, most likely. But wanted to give you a heads up, so that you can start the parimutuel wagering on who the All-Time Astro consecutive onbase streak leader as soon as possible.

I'm sure the action will heat up quickly.

For now, realize that with Josh Johnson having been lit up last night, Roy's got a real chance at the ERA crown. Roy Oz is now at number two in the league behind Chris Carpenter at 2.97, and ahead of Brandon Webb at 3.14 and Johnson at 3.20

Be real, um, funny, if the Astros famously poor offense presented the league ERA champ victories numbering in the low teens in back to back years, huh?

Speaking of Roy and good pitching, the people at Fangraphs, who, you will recall, have been keeping track of win probabiltity added for the whole season, now have it as a two-man race in NL Starters' WPA added with Carpenter at 3.71 and Roy at 3.59 well ahead of the pack led by Webb at 2.92.

Not that I think anybody would give Roy a first-place Cy Young vote, or anything.

And oh, shit, with a good night Astros can attain second place for the first time since early May.