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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 139 at Phillies (Second Try)

Andy Pettitte Randy Wolf
13 - 13, 4.44 3 - 0, 5.30

So'd you hear the one about Willy Taveras and the Hall of Fame?

Turns out the Cooperstown museum asked for--and received--a jersey from Willy that he wore during the 30-game hit streak. With the recent 30-game streaks from Rollins, Utley, and our own Taveras, looks like the Hall is putting together a little exhibit this summer honoring those guys and a few others with longish streaks you might have heard of, like Cobb and Hornsby.

Unbelievble, on the face of it: you walk into Cooperstown of all places, and there's Willy's pinstriped home # 1 uniform. . .

It's also been called to my attention that Jimerson's blast Monday marked the second year in a row where an Astro player's first career homer broke up a fairly advanced no-hitter. If you recall, Pedro Martinez was through 6-1/3 scoreless and hitless last June 7th at Shea, when Chris Burke decided to go yard for the very first time.