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Matchup/Game Thread? Game # 159 at Pirates

Roy Oswalt Tom Gorzelanny
14 - 8, 3.07 2- 4, 3.79

With last night's stunning win, the Astros enter today's matinee riding their longest win streak since winning 12 in a row between August 27and September 8, 2004. No need to say that we hope--and may need--to match that.

Was hoping to look back and see when the last time that the Astros committed three errors more than the opposition and still won, but just a little busy at work today, so that project must wait for another day.

Royboy is now second in the league in ERA behind Webb, after two straight subpar performances from Carpenter. With the Cards' awful slide, you are starting to see the slight backlash groundswell of support about the internet for Roy Oz, Cy Young. Webb's numbers are still slightly better to my eyes, though.

Clay Davenport's tiny little baseball-playing robots now have the Astros with a 12.7% chance of taking the division, which is less than they showed yesterday, but more than Tuesday. Still, we've gotten to the point where a winning record from the Cardinals from here on out guarantees them nothing but a tiebreaker next Tuesday.

You'd like to think that when two tired teams play each other, the one that wants it/needs it more should be able to find that wellspring of energy to make the big play that much easier. But I have no idea if that's true or not.

Instead of intangibles, I'll rely on Roy Oswalt's right arm to carry the day for us, and put some pressure on the Cardinals this evening.

Break out the brooms, amigos.