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Game Heroes, 78 - 78

The Team, Collectively
  • Reach .500 for the first time since July 6th
  • Reach .500 in games played while one under. . .
  • Reach a pythagorean winning percentage of .509 that hasn't been better since mid-May
  • Stay a game ahead of the Reds, firmly in second place
  • Tie their season-high in consecutive wins with six
  • Draw within 2.5 of the moribund Cardinals, with six to go (for us, seven for them)

Truly a team win, this one was, never mind the milestones. Seventeen players had at least one plate apearance, but none had hits and RBIs and Runs such that they added up to four. Nine pitchers threw a pitch, and while everybody got at least an out, no-one pitched longer than 1 inning except the starter--who only went 3-2/3. And the guy who got the win pitched the worst.

5 RBIs happened in four at-bats by four different players, and the runs scored were doled out one a piece.

Now that I think of it, Chris Burke had a pretty crappy game, ohfer four with a critical error. But that's the nature of the Team Game Hero and the team game, the rest of 'em pick up the guys who's screwed up.

So party hardy, Chris, you're 1/32nd Game Hero!

Still think that Garner went a little apeshit there, pulling a highly effective Sampson after only 3-2/3. Springer immediately had trouble throwing strikes (which Sampson never did), but got out of the inning. But then we had to pinch-hit for Springer, and on came Wandy. If Phil'd stayed with Sampson in the fourth, he wouldn't have had to use Wandy in the fifth; maybe you don't see Howard again until the sixth, at which point you might trot out Miller with a one run lead.

I'm being kind of fuzzy, but Garner made the decision that he wanted Wandy rather than Sampson to pitch the fifth, and it was a decision that put the team in a hole.

But after that, Garner kept going a mile a minute, and you know what? Other than the sheer volume of personnel, I really can't find fault with any of it.

We need a complete game out of Roy tomorrow like the burger needs the bun, but hey, we won tonight, and Roy is just the guy to deliver.

So I'll try to chill on the second guessing.

Nice work, Phil! Take a slice of that Game Hero pie for yourself.


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