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Game Hero, 75 - 78

Craig Biggio
  • 3 for 5, 3 RBI, 1 R
  • Almost forgot the steal of third
  • Our New Second-Place Guy in RBI with 58
  • Ties Bagwell for career tops in extra base hits with 969

Not a bad way to bust a slump is the angle you've seen elsewhere this morning, and I'll echo that.

Even with the recent hard times, Biggio sits at number 25 in the league in doubles today. Which doesn't seem so great, maybe, until you say that he has more doubles than Albert Pujols and Nomar Garciaparra and Jose Reyes. . . and Lance Berkman.

It's also worth noting from time to time that what Biggio is doing at the age of 40 is historically good, so I'll take the time to do that here.

All Players 40 and Older Who Hit At Least 30 Doubles and 20 Homers In a Season
Year Player Doubles Homers
1992 Dave Winfield 33 26
2006 Craig Biggio 33 20
The only 40-year old with more doubles in a season than Biggio and Winfield is Sam Rice, who had 35 doubles in 1930. He had exactly ONE home run, though.
Man, I need to spend the time to lavish kudos upon OP; So clutch, twice, I wished I coulda given the Game Hero to him.

Tied for second-place again; does a .500 record--for once and for all--still beckon?