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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 148 vs. Phillies

Randy Wolf Wandy Rodriguez
3 - 0, 5.56 9 - 9, 5.43

So with the minor league playoffs having ended, we're seeing the 40-man callups that you might have expected. We already saw Eric Munson yesterday, and quick check of the active roster shows that Matt Albers is back, and that Hector Gimenez--who swung a mighty stick in the PCL Playoffs--has been brought to the majors for the first time in his career.

Congratulations, Hector; it looked like the organization had kind of passed you by, I'm glad you got the call.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what to say. With Pettitte missing his scheduled start, the Astros turn to Wandy again, and despite the very Wandian numbers posted by Wolf, there can't be too many of us Astrofans who expect the club to win this one. At some point over the last four or five days, the Astros' chances went from slim to non-existent, and after yesterday's game, it must be impossible for even the players to pretend that the postseason is a real possibility. Nothing to play for, plus a flat offensive game yesterday, plus Wandy on the mound. . . well, you do the math.

It's a shame, too. Second place in the division is still a real possibility, and this club has finished below second place exactly once since 1993. Second place is not going to inspire the players very much, but for a fan, that's a streak to be proud of. So I do hope that they can overtake the Reds, but I'm not very hopeful.

This definitely looks like a team that is going to fade even more as they finish.

It could very well be that cats like Charlton Jimerson and Matt Albers and Hector Gimenez--who are energized to be here after successful seasons for both themselves and their teams in the minors--are the team's best go-to guys down the stretch.

Because the major-league regulars sure look like they've got nothing left.