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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 147 vs. Phillies

Cole Hamels Jason Hirsh
7 - 8, 4.34 3 - 3, 6.10

How brutal was Q's game-ending double play last night?

Let me count the ways.

But as we stare down the end of the season, a play like that one certainly seems to stand as a metaphor for the entire season as well as anything more accomplished.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, that's the ticket.

Quintero did it last night, yes, but Qualls did it, too, when he gave up that crushing blow to Pujols. Everett has done it, by making several of his very few errors in precisely the most important games. Pettitte did it often during the first half, wasting several of the team's rare offensive uprisings. Lidge has done it in a plethora of situations, it hardly bears repeating.

Don't want to sound like a fucking hippie or anything, but a team acquires a vibe, and sometimes, like in 2005, it's good, and sometimes, like this year, it's not so good.

Oh fuck I'm late.