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Egg on rastro's Face, Big Time

Guess it was just me who had it in their head that the last game of this series against the Cards was a night game.

Hmmm, StrosDux and littlevisigoth were able to somehow keep it straight.  Not to mention callmenis and Roy Oswalt.  I do apologize for not having the requisite Game Thread post up by first pitch; fortunately I am able to promote StrosDux' work front and center where it belonged in the first place.

Thanks--very much--to StrosDux for starting the thread in my absence, and thank you those who commented.

Also, thank you littlevisigoth, for picking up on yesterday's Johnny Dangerously teaser.

I thought everybody had forgotten about that movie but me.

Anyway, appy polly logies again; I'm off to read the thread in detail, and the ESPN story, and the story on the main site, and whatever else I may be able to gather to help me intelligently pick Game Hero v. 145.