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Astros With Another Long Scoreless Streak

For those who may have forgotten, and need the refresher, this is what it looks like when a Houston Astro player scores a "run" in a major league baseball game

Depressing news indeed, and news that I will deal with the way I deal with everything else: through the production of colored charts and uselessly-detailed tables:

Astros' Longest Scoreless Streaks in '06

Start Date and Inning End Date and Inning Length of Streak,
in Innings
August 15th 7th Inning August 17th 1st Inning 22
June 26th 8th inning June 30th 1st inning 21
September 9th 8th Inning Sometime soon, we hope 20,
And Counting
April 5th 5th inning April 7th 2nd inning 15
August 21st 8th inning August 23rd 4th inning 15

Yup, Go Astros.