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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 143 at Cardinals

Taylor Buchholz Chris Carpenter
6 - 9, 5.96 13 - 6, 2.97


I had this whole cool story written out about how they're gonna give Chris Carpenter the Cy Young, and how he probably even deserves it, but that Andy Pettitte has been better since August 1, except for the ridiculous three walks Carp has given up in his 52 innings since then.

And then I was gonna show you stats, like Andy's 2.20 ERA or 8.95 K/9 since the first of August, and then in a stunning reversal, I was gonna say how stats don't mean nothing, in games like this it's one great pitcher vs. another, mano a mano, will to win matters most, and how better yet, why don't they just give Lance and Albert the night off, and just stage one of them Steel Cage Death Matches? Forget the rest of September, skip the bullshit, one duel for the NL Central title, tonight, right now. Arm Andy and Carp with stainless steel nunchaku and let them have at it.

And then if either of 'em gets tired you can bring in Lidge or Izzy in relief.

Would have been a great post, but that's all out the window now, shit.

Andy, scratched, all of a sudden.

Well, I'm sure Taylor will pitch well . . . I guess.

Way back on May 31, Buchholz faced the Cards at New Busch, and gave up 3 runs on five hits over five innings and NO HOME RUNS.

So we might have a chance.

Please tell me we have a chance.