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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 142 at Brewers

Wandy Rodriguez Dave Bush
9 - 8, 5.43 10 - 10, 4.66

Back in early May, right around the last time the Astros were in second place, I was probably the charter member of the WRCHBWTGTY* club.

Now here it is, 112 often-disappointing games later, in September; the Astros are back in second, finally, and Wandy still has not joined the club.

Improbably, amazingly, things have been breaking right for the 'Stros.

And I can't even explicate what I think that means. My thoughts turn to like pretzels. The Astros still being even technically alive is an upset of major proportions, about as unlikely as, oh, the Florida Marlins having a real shot.

But the Marlins believe, I saw that last night, and if the Marlins can win it, then so can the freaking Houston Astros.

Nothing but nothing could put an exclamation point on this crazy whacked-out idea of Astros playoff viability better than 6 innings of 2-run ball from His Wandyfulness, a tenth win for him, and for once and for all, a return to the .500 mark for this beleaguered club who (oh by the way) haven't quit yet, despite the unpleasant and inconvenient fact they're just not very good.

Get it the fuck done, Astros.

It might as well be you who take the field as the NL Wild Card representative in October.

No-one else deserves it anymore than y'all.

Not the Marlins, though you've gotta love Hanley Ramirez with his 105 runs scored, and Dan Uggla, what the fuck kind of name is that for a second baseman who hits 30 homers? But that bullpen. . . ouch.

And not the Padres, who have pretty well established over the last two years that they are about as quantifiably average as any team in baseball, with a supreme closer, and not much else.

And not the Phillies, because they lost Flash Gordon last night, and because Ryan Howard can't drive in runs if he's getting the intentional free passes.

And not the Reds. They're in the tank and do you still have a hard time like me with the idea that they traded Austin Kearns, without even having to? That they did it willingly?

Yes, the Astros, absolutely. It all makes sense now.

The Houston Astros: your "why the fuck not?" candidate.

There. I'm back on. Funny what taking a day off to scope out the opposition, combined with a little win streak, can do.

Unfortunately and you may have seen it, the Sounds shut out the Express yesterday, forcing a deciding Game Five for the PCL American Conference pennant. That game starts the same time as the Brewers game does, so I will be chiming in with Express news as both games progress.


* Wandy Rodriguez Can't Help But Win Ten Games This Year