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Game Hero, 55 - 58

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Aubrey Huff
  • 3 for 4, 1 BB, 2 R
  • 6 RBI is a career high
  • 10 total bases ties a career high
  • Modest five-game hit streak
Like everyone else, Aubrey Huff appears to be heating up. After homering in his first game as an Astro, Huff then went 19 games before his next jack.

It took him one game before he went deep again.

And then it took him four innings to it go yard one more time.

Anyone can go to the Crawford Boxes (just ask Roy), but Huff's second blast was truly towering, a shot on a 3 - 2 pitch that you knew was gone the instant it made contact with his bat, although it took a little bit of time before the ball finally disapeared into the farthest reaches of the right field stands.

Six RBI is of course a season-high for Houston, a career-high for Huff, and makes Aubrey one of three current Astros to have had a six-RBI game in a Houston uniform, along with Mike Lamb and Lance Berkman. Preston did it while with the Rockies in 2003.

Huff's ten total bases, while a career high for him, are not highest among current Astros, because Morgan Ensberg hit three homers and a single against San Fran last May 15. Ensberg shares that club record of 13 total bases in a game with Lee May and Jeff Bagwell.

Bagwell also is one of four players for Houston who once managed to best Huff's feat by one in amassing seven RBI's in a single game.