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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 113 vs. Pirates

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I've been 
Photoshopped! Gonna buy me another bulldozer 
in case the first one breaks
Shawn Chacon Roy Oswalt
1 - 0, 1.80 8 - 7, 3.34

NL stats only there for Chacon, who kind of befuddled the Braves last week in his re-introduction to the National League.

Astro hitters at all likely to play tonight are 12 for 53 against Chacon, "good" for a .226 batting average and a .283 slugging. Yikes. I knew the guy had some success initially in Colorado, but this is ridiculous.

And unlike Backe yesterday, Roy's struggled a little bit with Pirates not named Bay or Ex-Pirates not named C Wilson. Buccos likely to play tonight are hitting .301 off the Ozman, although that is with a somewhat reasonable 386 slugging attached.

New Buc X Nady (didn't we just see this guy?) is 1 for 11; Jeromy Burnitz is 6 for 27.

I'm sure you've heard it said that good pitching is contagious; perhaps after last night's starting performance, Roy can catch a dose of Brandonitis, and drop another seven innings of one run ball on the hapless Piratas.