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Andruw Jones Redux

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As a sort of follow up to the short thread downpage regarding the brief stint Andruw Jones spent on the waiver wire, I thought I might offer the following commentary from our SBNation compatriot, Let's Go Tribe.

It is the writers' belief that because of the rights which are about to accrue to Jones as a 10-5 guy, this past weekend was the last chance for the Braves to get "full value" for Jones.

In a certain sense, this is why I had thought the deal might actually go down, and was not this one-in-a-thousand long shot.

But who's to say that the claiming team (and it looks like it was in fact Houston) necessarily felt compelled to offer this hypothetical full value, knowing the position the Braves had maneuvered themselves into?

T-Purp may have offered Troy Patton straight up, rightfully holding aside the top two jewels in Hirsh and Pence, and felt he was being as fair as he needed to be.

After all, a deal last weekend was the devil Schuerholz knew. Who knows what he'll be able to get next July? Put a bit whimsically, if Schuerholz knew that Purpura knew that Schuerholz knew he was hamstrung, that still may not have prevented Schuerholz from accepting a deal.

At least in Purpura's mind.

So forget full value, if there even is such a thing when contemplating a player who makes so much money and will have so many vested rights.

More likely, the Braves last chance to get full value for Jones was before the trade deadline, as conventional reasoning would have led you to expect.