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Matchup/GameThread Game # 110 at D-Backs

Moon . . .in June!
Roger Clemens Dustin Nippert
2 - 4, 2.09 0 - 1, 10.80

Ah, great. A pitcher who's 0 - 1 with a 10.80 and who spent most of the year at AAA.

I hope we can keep from being no hit.

Found it interesting to see that ESPN readers who bothered to vote disapproved of the job Garner is doing by a 52 - 48 margin.

Also interesting was how well everybody thought he was doing in April when the Astros were 19 - 9, and how crappy they think he's done since.

Now this doesn't excuse using Andy Pettitte in relief when there was a perfectly good reliever available, but with the recent resurgence of Willy Taveras, I wondered how many managers/organizations would have even given Taveras another shot.

Rampant on the rumor pages a month or so ago were the tales that the Astros had given up on the erstwhile Roadrunner. Turns out this wasn't so, and if Willy T was last night's true game hero, as several here have argued, how many of those so inclined are willing to credit Garner for getting him into the lineup to play?

It still hurts to think about Clemens' last start, how well he pitched, and how that superb effort was thrown into the trash in the space of about ten pitches from Chad Qualls. Is there ANYTHING that the Astros hitters might do tonight to make it up to him?

Is there anything Chad Qualls can do?