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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 109 at D-Backs

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"I will make the ball avoid this thing with my 
*Mississippi mind control*" Moon . . .in June!
Roy Oswalt Miguel Batista
8 - 7, 3.23 9 - 5, 4.71

Well after last Saturday, the D-Backs STILL haven't beaten Roy Oz, and the 0.95 ERA he now carries against them is the best of any active pitcher with at least five starts against any one team. His start last Saturday against Arizona was his best in two months, and was special even for a guy who's used to carrying a high strikeout to walk ratio: it was the first time he'd had as many as eight strikeouts with zero walks in over 15 months.

And it appears that the month we're entering is Roy's month, too: His career ERA for August, at 2.74, and his career winning percentage, at .800, both make the eighth month Mr. Oswalt's most successful.

Lance will return tonight at first, and Morgan will try to extend the two small personal streaks he's got going where he's reached base in every game he's played since he began his rehab, and where he's reached at least twice in his last four.