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Andruw Jones Claimed

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If you hadn't heard, Andruw Jones was placed on waivers by the Braves, and an unnamed team was awarded their claim on him earlier today.

It has been speculated that the unknown team could very well be the Astros.

As the ESPN story notes, this would hardly be news if A Jones wasn't days away from becoming a 10-5 guy who can veto any trade. For flexibility purposes, teams begin routinely putting their players through waivers after the trade deadline. If any desirable player is claimed, the original team can simply pull the player back, and usually no-one--including the affected player--is any the wiser.

Atlanta can still recall Jones, but if they were looking to divest themselves of Andruw and his contract before next year, they will have no better time to do so than now. They have til noon CST Saturday to work out a trade with the team that was awarded the claim, and if they can't, they have to pull Jones back, which means they cannot trade him this year.

Jones has one year left on his contract, at $13.5M per.

If the Astros were in fact one of the teams that attempted to make a claim on Jones, it is likely that they were the ones awarded the claim, because the pecking order is figured in reverse order of winning percentage. It is unlikely anyone with a WORSE record than Houston would have made such a move.

You probably recall that a persistent rumor late in the day on the 31st had Jones going to Boston, who in turn had plans to move him to the Astros for Roy Oz.

The Astros have of course disavowed all knowledge of such activities.