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Game Hero, 51 - 56

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Brandon Backe
  • W, 2 - 1
  • 7-2/3 IP, 3K, 7 H, 0 ER, only 2 BB
  • 62 Game Score

After Khalil Greene's single made it 1 - 0 Pads, and his lack of hustle made it one out, Brandon Backe took the reprieve he'd been given and ran with it. Possessed of no great strike-throwing ability last night, Brandon was nevertheless able to coax poor swings when behind in the count, and made the Friars lament their missed opportunity I'm sure.

And truly a renaissance man, he also broke up the Williams no-hitter just when it was starting to get uncomfortable. Really. Who knows what happens if let's say Walker doesn't commit his second error, or Backe doesn't pound that pitch into short left? Williams might have consolidated the momentum and gone much deeper into the game. . . .

That's the WPA chart from Fangraphs, of course, and you can check out the rest at the following somewhat convoluted url:

Y'all do realize that Luke Scott is carrying a 1.066 OPS, right? Given the mediocre NL Central, you're tempted to wonder where we'd be if we'd called Luuuuke up in early June.