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Matchup/Game Thread Game # 129 at Pirates

Roger Clemens Victor Santos
5 - 4, 2.58 5 - 8, 5.65
The people behind the Astros press pass issued a special this afternoon, highlighting Willy T's hit streak, and since it's late, and since it's interesting, hope you don't mind if I present the choicest morsels here.
  • Willy is hitting .407 (11 for 27) during the streak in his first at bat of the game. Mind you this is not plate appearance, because those who were watching last night know he walked in his first chance of the evening.
  • He's hitting .350 (7 for 20) on a Friday during the streak.
  • He's hitting .400 on the road (24 for 60) since he got that bunt hit July 27th.
  • Willy will break a tie with Manny Ramirez for second-longest streak of the year (behind Chase Utley) if he can squeak out a hit tonight.
  • 35 straight games gets you into a tie for tenth place, all-time. Reference Utley, Luis Castillo, Fred Clarke, Ty Cobb
  • Willy's also propelled himself onto the short list of those who have managed to upstage Roger Clemens during any one particular game.

Win number 347 for the Rocket. Three short of 350 for the greatest pitcher of our lifetimes. Ho-hum.

But did the slaphitter from the Domincan Republic notch a base hit?