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Game Hero, 60 - 67

Adam Everett
  • 3 for 5, double, homer
  • 2 RBI
  • First game with more than two hits this month
  • Fielding Percentage of .993, and rising

I was gonna go with Jason Lane, just to piss off saylinara, but turns out, we're still on the merit system here at The Crawfish Boxes Game Hero World Headquarters. . . .

You know, I've said Adam's not been the problem lately, but that's true only so far as you're willing to go with it.

Because the problem is always Adam, always that wonderful golden glove and that anemic little stick. Coming into today, Adam was hitting .184 this August, hitting .184, OBPing .210, and you don't wanna know the slugging, let's just say Freddy Sanchez' batting average has it covered.

As great as Berkman is, he's going to have his little slumps. And there's no problem with that, except that Adam and CatcherBrad, and yes, Willy T, don't belly up enough to cover for Lance when he's tiring.

Ah, shit, same old story, it's like a broken record for those old enough to remember what those were.

Anyway, Adam was real good today, he should do it more often.