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Game Hero, 59 - 65

Roger Clemens
  • W, 5 - 4, lowers the ERA to 2.58 and the WHIP to 1.06
  • 7 IP, 6 H, 0 BB, 7 K
  • 68 Game Score is his third highest of the year
  • Leads the Astros in K/BB with a 4.13
  • 3 - 0 in August, 22 K, 4 BB

I guess they interviewed Adam on the field after the game, but that's just because Roger's told them he don't wanna be messed with. Everett's two-out, two-RBI double was big, but it was almost a statistical certainty that eventually somebody would get Roger a big hit in a close, low scoring game.

And of course, the rules I've made mean I can't give Roger the Game Hero when they lose.

Which is why he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Clemens hasn't been the Astros' best pitcher this month; that honor probably goes to Andy Pettitte. But he's still not bad for an old fart.


I'm intrigued by the move to DFA Eric Munson, and pleased that he will accept the assignment to Round Rock.

Lord knows Raul Chavez couldn't hit, but he was still a favorite of mine because of the defense which, by the middle of 2005, was understood throughout the league to be superior to Brad's. So when Munson began lighting up parks throughout the Grapefruit League, and rumors began to surface that Garner and Purpura were considering keeping Munson as backup catcher, I was very skeptical.

With Munson having played maybe a game's worth of catcher in the major leagues, I was really worried about Munson being a liability defensively. It smacked of desperation I thought: being so hungry for an offensive boost that you were willing to use a player in a position he was unqualified to play.

But the way it turned out, Munson did fine with the defense. He had four passed balls, and dropped the ball after a perfect throw from Willy should have nailed Jason Bay at the plate in the 18th inning of a game back in May, but EricM also threw out half of those attempting to steal on him, and had a .995 fielding percentage.

No, the reason why they had to let him go was he never hit like he did in Spring Training, and believe me, he ain't the first. Ain't that right, Eric Bullock? Isn't that so, Luke Scott?

Even for a backup catcher, .209 is a bit poor. Chamo hit .210 for the 2004 team, it is true, but he had better surrounding talent, let us say.

So now it's House in the house, and if it hasn't been a particularly successful season, it's sure been a strange one. The move to Munson you might say set the tone, and the team has seen all kinds of shenanigans with the roster this year, from making room for Clemens to DFAing Preston, to things like seeing Chris Sampson get called up to make one masterful start in between.

The 2006 Astros haven't used more players than any other Astro team, not even when you limit those teams considered to this century. But it's still early, and rosters haven't yet expanded><<p>

Astros Number of Players Used, This Millennium
2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000
Total 35* 36 42 44 41 45 46
Pitchers 18* 17 23 23 21 25 23
Hitters 17* 19 19 21 20 20 23

*Including JR House, and so far.

Oh, and wanted to say that I would think this means Hector Gimenez doesn't have a future in this organization, what with JR Towles, and how House has now surpassed him.