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Game Hero, 58 - 63

Luke Scott
  • 2 for 4, double, triple, 2 RBI
  • 1.137 OPS on his season
  • 13 game onbase streak
  • Leads the Astros since the break in total bases, doubles, OBP, and of course, batting average

Luke wasn't a real strong pick for me, and not just 'cause I didn't see the game.

You got to run your grounders out and if offered the hitter's manna that is the chance to reach on a strikeout, Lord knows you have to do what it takes to accept the heavenly gift.

Again, I haven't seen the play, but only hot dogs and overpaid ego cases make a habit of not running them out. And I would hope Luke ain't neither of them.

Still, though Luke's inexcusable laziness cost the Astros a run, his 2-run triple was by far the biggest play of the game, and Luke added more than double the win probability of anyone else.

So. A first: the grudgingly given Game Hero.