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Matchup/No Game Thread from Rastro Game # 121 at Brewers

Jason Hirsh Ben Sheets
0 - 1 9.00 3 - 4, 4.98
in honor of the Astros being absolutely and unequivocally eliminated from the Wild Card chase by their ignominous sweep at the hands of the feeble, dilapidated, and inconsequential Chicago Cubs, and
the previously insipid and unqualified Cubs staff--13th in the league in ERA, and having issued by far the most walks in the majors-- was able to slice through the anemic Astros lineup in such a way that Houston scored in precisely two of their 36 innings played, and
no less a pseudo-expert than Phil Rogers calls these the "Dog Days," and even the best of us could use a break. . .
of all this stuff . . . I'm going to the movies tonight.

It has been mentally draining watching this club these last five games, and Melanie misses me, as she's become transformed somewhat against her will into a baseball widow, so there it is.

Maybe we should all take a break, the team'll be there Friday . . . .